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Almost 20 years ago, we recognized that conventional tarping methods could no longer meet the requirements of the competitive market.  Realizing the need for a safe, quick and easy way for truck and trailer operators to tarp their loads, and keep them weather proof, the  “Quick Draw Tarpaulin System? was invented. 

 Today, we continue to investigate the needs and wishes of modern truck and trailer operators by providing them with the most reliable, serviceable and the highest quality rolling tarp system on the market. 

 It is our continued devotion to design, engineering, quality workmanship, customer service and our attention to details that makes us the leader in the rolling tarp industry.

Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems:

We are so sure that our rolling tarp system is the best, we are not afraid to warranty our 4" wheels, bearings included for 5 years. We also put a 5 year warranty on all cast corners and intermediate bows.

With every new Quick Draw Tarpaulin System that DeMonte Fabricating installs, we pass along to each customer 6 month and 12 month free inspections and free minor adjustments for the first year of owning your system. We will do a thorough examination of your Quick Draw Tarpaulin System that takes our specialized technicians approximately 30 minutes.

Our Quick Draw Tarpaulin System has proven to have minimal upkeep. DeMonte Fabricating also provides individual instructions on how to operate and maintain each of our Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems when you pick up your Quick Draw.

Our Quick Draw Tarpaulin System is the safest rolling tarp system on the market today. Operators never have to get up onto their trailer to open and close their Quick Draw Rolling Tarp System.

DeMonte Fabricating has developed an excellent reputation with our customers for our fast turn around times on repairs due to unexpected accidents.. Standardized parts and flexible scheduling are two factors that facilitate immediate attention when unforeseen accidents cause major repairs.

Simply the Best!

We are committed to value-added products and services. DeMonte Fabricating can guarantee that we will be there for our customers when needed. Known for quality, proven customer service - ask anyone who owns a Quick Draw Tarpaulin System.


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